Toastmasters offers you the opportunity to learn some leadership skills. Beginning with small tasks, you can move on to more challenging roles within the meeting, the committee or the wider Toastmasters organisation.

The first award is Competent Leader. It's practical Manual includes 10 Projects for you to undertake....:

1. Listening and Leadership:  (Speech Evaluator, Table Topics Speaker, Ah - Counter, Grammarian/Word Master) Do 3 of these...

2. Critical Thinking: (Speech Evaluator, Grammarian/Word Master, General Evaluator).  Do 2 of these.

3. Giving Feedback: (Speech Evaluator, Grammarian/Word Master, General Evaluator). Do 2 of these.

4. Time Management:  (Timer, Toastmaster, Speaker, Word Master, Table Topicsmaster). Do 3 of these.

5. Planning & Implementation: (Speaker, General Evaluator, Toastmaster, Tabletopics Master). Do 3 of these.

6. Organizing & Delegating: (Help organize a club Speech Contest, Help organize a club Special Event, Help organize a club Membership Campaign or Contest, Help organize a Club Public Relations Campaign, Help produce a Club Newletter, Assist the club's Webmaster). Do 2 of these. 

7. Developing your Facilitation Skills: (Toastmaster, General Evaluator, Table Topicsmaster, Befriend a guest at a club meeting). Do 3 of these.

8. Motivating People: (Club Membership Campaign or Contest Chair, Club Public Relations Campaign Chair, Toastmaster, Speech Evaluator, General Evaluator).               Do 3 of these.

9. Mentoring: (Mentor a new member, Mentor for an existing member, Guidance committee member for someone who is working on a High Performance Leadership Programme project)  Do 1 of these.

10. Team Building: (Toastmaster. General evaluator, Club Membership Campaign or Contest Chair, Club PRO Campaign Chair, Club Speech Contest Chair, Club Special Events Chair, Club Newletter Editor or Webmaster) . Do 3 of these.

selected from the tasks below.

An 'x' indicates that each job must be undertaken more than once concentrating on a different aspect each time.

Speaker    x x   
Speech Evaluator x x x     
Timer    x    
Grammarian / Word Master x x x x    
Ah Counter x       
Table Topics Speaker x       
Table Topics Master    x x  x 
General Evaluator  x x  x  x x  x
Toastmaster    x x  x x  x
Help Organize Club special Event      X  
Chair Club Special Event          x
Help organise PR campaign      x  
Help Organise Club membership Drive      x  
Chair Club membership Drive        x  x
Help produce Club Newsletter      x  
Assist Club Webmaster      x  
Serve as Club Newsletter Ed or webmaster          X
Befriend a guest at Club mtg       x 
Mentor new member         x
Mentor existing member         x
Guidance Committee Member         x



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