What happens at a Toastmaster's Meeting?

8.30 Introductions  
  Sergeant at Arms / Logistics Manager Robert McDaid
  Welcome to Toastmasters    President Ronnie Gillanders
  Toastmaster Chosen each week
  Timers Changes each week
  Invocation Changes each week
  Wordmaster Ah Em Counter Changes each week


SLIGO TOASTMASTERS CLUB    What happens at a meeting!

The Logistics Manager/ Failte Officer / Seargent at Arms  (pick your preferred title!) opens the meeting, introduces guests, gives any apologies and reminds us to turn off our mobile phones.  

The President: Welcomes    everyone and hands over to the Toastmaster of the evening who introduces the team for the meeting.

Invocation: This is a Thought for the Day and  tends to set the tone for the evening.

Word:     This introduces and defines a word,  ideally a word we all rarely use. The use of this word is then counted.  The person who suggested and presented it tells us how often it was used during the evening. Everyone tries to remember to include it when they get up to speak.   

Timer:    All speeches, topics and evaluations are timed to assist us in getting to the point and conveying our message as efficiently and effectively as possible.                                                                      
8.45: Prepared Speeches These are taken from Competent Communicator Manual, or one of the Advanced Speaker Manuals or an Educational Speech (a How to Speech ....) most of these are 5-7 minutes, but very occasionally can be longer, up to 20 minutes for a complex presentation. 


9.45 Topics: The Topicsmaster puts "topics" to the members of the audience who have not had a chance to speak (are not on the agenda for the evening). They try to speak for 2 minutes on the topic, and others can then "add on" their view. These "add-ons" should be no longer than 1 minute.

Evaluations: Each of the speeches (except for the educational - How to.... - presentations) are evaluated with a list of commendations and at least one recommendation, a constructive way of improving the speech.

The Word of the evening  is scored, that is, the person who suggested and presented it tells us how often it was used during the evening. Everyone has been trying to remember to include it when they get up to speak.

Ah -Em Counter: This person gives us feedback on how often we each said "ah, em, er "etc. and any other crutch words... "you know, like...."

  General Evaluation:  One of the members has been critically evaluating the total meeting from time it began and ended, seating arrangements, signage, as well as the smooth running and quality of the introductions etc. 

10.30  President gives any notices and closes the meeting.

     www.sligotoastmasterclub4201.com.          Meet 2nd and 4th Monday each Month.


MEETINGS September 2016 - June 2017

Meeting - Monday 12th September

Meeting - Monday-  26th September OPEN NIGHT: GUESTS ESPECIALLY WELCOME


Meeting - Monday 24th October

Friday 28th October: CELEBRATION DINNER: 20 Years since the club was founded - 1996-2016

Meeting - Monday 7th November

Meeting - Monday 14th November

Meeting - Monday 28th November

Meeting - Monday 12th December

CHRISTMAS PARTY: Friday 16th December: Clarion Hotel

Meeting - Monday 9th January

Meeting - Monday 23rd January

Meeting - Monday 13th February

Meeting - Monday 27th February

Further dates ... posted closer to the time.





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