Yeats Event "On the Boiler" City Hall, September 2015

Summer Party 2014: A Murder Mystery

Both Sligo and Innisfree Clubs came together to celebrate our Summer party. The Golf Club in Strandhill was converted to a 1920s Speakeasy called "The Four Deuces" for the night. The scene was based on a real casino in Chicago, frequented by Al Capone and some of his mobsters. The photos testify that a good time was had by all with plenty of costumes, fun and gambling.  Cheating and deception were encouraged in the hilarious atmosphere of disguise and heavy accents, while everyone played up their assigned roles.


Do you feel like dying when you think about speaking in front of people?  Or are you tired of going to meetings that go on and on?  Sligo Toastmasters are issuing a challenge for 2012. An open night is being held on Monday 23 January from 8.30pm to 10.30pm in the Glasshouse Hotel.  ‘Come along and see how a meeting runs’ invites Martina Kilgallon, President of the Sligo Club.  ‘We challenge you to take part!  In a friendly atmosphere, everyone has the chance to say something, whether it is a prepared speech or just a few off the cuff words.   In addition to this, Sligo Toastmasters Club provides a forum for members and guests to run efficient meetings and manage events.  These leadership skills, combined with increased confidence speaking in public, are great for personal and professional assets.  Whether you want to speak out more socially, be more involved in a local committee, or are seeking to improve your career prospects, Sligo Toastmasters is good for your hobby list or curriculum vitae!

Martina urges people to come to a meeting.  ‘Admission is free for guests, just turn up and see how you like it. The Irish nation is well known for a population gifted with speech skills. Toastmasters taps into a pass-time that we are all good at - talking.  We run meetings in such a way that everyone is encouraged to say something at some point in the evening.  Nobody gets to hog the floor, and it is guaranteed that our open night will start at 8.30pm and finish at 10.30pm sharp.

Believe it or not, your chances of dying of stage fright are extremely slim. You might feel as if you are dying on the stage, but chances are good your audience won’t even notice your wobbly knees and sweating armpits. Even the best speakers were once terrified novices, feeling the same symptoms as you when facing an audience. Fear no more! Toastmasters is the best place to learn, to build your confidence, and to push yourself outside your comfort zone. It’s a safe place where there is no penalty for failure!

So if you want to find out more about getting the courage to speak in public, why not come along.

Christmas Party 2015

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